Our Work

War and oppression have devastating consequences on the freedom and well-being of innocent children caught in the crossfire. We’re at work in communities touched by conflict to ensure these children are protected and have all they need to reach their full potential.

1 in every 110 people are displaced. Over half of those are children.

That’s over 68 million people globally who have been forcibly displaced by war, violence, and persecution. We believe that no border or barrier should stop people from experiencing God’s love. That’s why we go where others have said we cannot, working with vulnerable and displaced communities that are difficult to reach in order to bring practical solutions that build a future for children free from hardship and exploitation.

We work with the vulnerable and the hard to reach.


Refugees are forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster and have legal right to seek safe asylum. They face limited access to healthcare and education and often with no means of official employment. Also, they are dependent on outside assistance for the basic necessities to survive.

Internally Displaced People

Internally displaced people are those who are forced to flee their homes but remain within their country’s borders. They are often extremely vulnerable, facing food shortages, inadequate shelter, lack of access to water, sanitation, healthcare, and education. This severely impacts the wellbeing of children and contributes to high malnutrition and mortality rates.


A migrant worker is someone working outside of their home country. They often represent a country’s poorest people, working in the lowest paid and most dangerous jobs. In many cases, migrant workers are not entitled to the same rights as citizens, leading to exploitation by employers and officials, with children in particular at risk of being trafficked.

Stateless People

A stateless person has no recognized citizenship in any country. They can experience persecution, arbitrary taxation, extortion, restrictions on movement, and limited access to education and healthcare. Their lack of recognized rights and desperation lead many to attempt escaping their circumstances, often ending up in the hands of traffickers or losing their lives at sea.

We have 3 ideas to change their future

With your help, we not only bring relief aid into desperate situations, but we have been planning for and re-building infrastructure to meet children’s primary needs; working side-by-side, together with the people themselves.



Sustainable development for community wellbeing and a nurturing environment for children.


 Learning Centers

Strengthening families and restoring communities to stop the trafficking, oppression, and exploitation of children.


Income Generation

Emergency provision of food, shelter materials, and basic survival necessities during times of acute crisis.

Our Projects

Emergency Relief


Water and Sanitation

Community Development

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