About Us

Susuaville – Making Change Happen is and always has been about amazing global citizens taking action to change our world.

Today, we’re facing challenging global humanitarian crises that require 21st Century solutions. But we’ve found that co-creating together with impassioned, dedicated people, limited only by their own imaginations, remains the key to designing new solutions that resonate. We still believe that Susuaville – Making Change Happen should exist, first and foremost, as a platform for realizing the goodwill of everyday people.

We’ve found that something incredible will result as long as we begin the journey with amazing people, agree on a destination and move together towards it transparently and open to possibility.

Our Vision

Every person who participates in a Susuaville – Making Change Happen program or project will have a better chance to take control of their life and achieve self-sufficiency.

Our Mission

We help people survive conflict and crisis and rebuild lives of dignity, health, security and self-sufficiency. Susuaville – Making Change Happen is committed to the delivery of programs that ensure measurable quality and lasting impact for the people we serve.

Our Methods

We have 3 big ideas to shape a future where children affected by conflict and oppression have the chance to live free, full lives.

Sustainable Development

Strengthening Families

Emergency Relief

We endeavor to uphold high ethical standards in all aspects of our humanitarian work. As part of this commitment, Partners Relief & Development has adopted the Principles of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Response Programs. This voluntary code of conduct establishes clear ethical standards by which we monitor our relief delivery. Download a copy of the code here. You can also read how we live out our mission with integrity here.