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By on August 5, 2017

Facebook means you are in your social media world. Where you can contact your friends and family. But Facebook also knows and the market of people where everyone asks you before they purchased your products. But you have to know how to start marketing on Facebook. Billions of people using Facebook Everyday and there are you future customer. But you have to know how to start? Hey, Guys! My name is Bulbul Ahmed, in this post I will give you 4 hours of video with resources to start marketing on Facebook. So let’s start it.

What will you learn?

  • Create & Manage a Facebook Page
  • Create & Manage Facebook Ads
  • Engage with other Facebook Users

What do you need to start?

  1. Computer with an Internet ConnectionLearn how to create a Facebook Page for your business or organization. This course is ideal for those who have a Facebook business Page and have had a hard time figuring out how to engage people through it and for those who are brand new to Facebook and need to know where to begin.We will start at the beginning by creating a new Facebook business page and walk through the process of editing that page, adding content, posting updates, inviting friends, growing our audience, creating deals, ads and much more.At the end of this course, you will learn how to build a Facebook business page from scratch. I will do my best to visit this course and respond to questions on time. I will also do my best to post updates from time to time to keep this course content fresh.

Why should you learn?

Small to Medium Sized Businesses
Affiliate marketing
Promote offers

Why should you enroll?

The course design for those who want to start their business and promote offers online without any website. And those who want to become a brand on social media. However, this course took over 40,000 students, and this course is 100% FREE FOR YOU.

Check out the Course over view video

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hi, my name is Bulbul Ahmed and this is my Journey! I use this blog to help people learn. Through all the places and things I see around the world, there isn't the best way to share my experience! Follow my blog updates and learn with me the essence of earning!

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