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How to create single page website

By on October 1, 2017

Website design style is changing every year because of Google SEO update. Very recently one page or single page website is a trend to develop a single page website. Because of this site load up just one, and it works fast. If you have five pages on your site that will come up in one page on a single page website. Isn’t it cool? However, today I will share a resource one of my friend. So let’s start.

What will you learn?

  1. Create a website from scratch
  2. write HTML and CSS code
  3. add animated scrolling to website
  4. use jquery to create dynamic effects

What do you need to start?

  • Basic HTML and CSS
  •  JavaScript and/or jQuery
  •  Desire to learn
  •  Computer Access


Introduction to designing and building a Single Page responsive website from scratch.

Within the course students will be introduced to planning and designing websites. Learn how to write HTML and CSS code to create a website. Learn about text formatting, graphics, and making functional HTML structure.

Staring with a design concept, from an image carousel, create a modern website that has a floating indicator menu which can automatically animate the scroll process, scrolling the web visitor to the correct section on the page.

This course is perfect for those new to web design and also those who want to expand their portfolio by building unique different types of websites. Everything you need to know from concept to completed site is provided within this course. By the end of the course you too will be able to make a website just like the one within the course.

Understand where to start with web design
Wire-frames placeholder text
Learn how to recognise different web page containers, and how to build your HTML to be CSS ready
Learn about writing HTML code
Incorporate web design principles
Enhance your website using text formatting, colors, and styling
format your HTML elements with CSS
Plan design and build a single page responsive website
Create dynamic effects and animate your scroll
Add jQuery to supercharge your website and make it interactive
Learn how HTML CSS and jQuery work together
Everything you need to create a website is included within this course. This course is focused around web design and will be mainly CSS based. HTML is used to structure the pages using common HTML tagging. jQuery is introduced for dynamic functionality. Concepts within jQuery include event handlers, variables, objects and conditional statements. The course will cover linking HTML and CSS to the jQuery methods discussed within the course.

Why should you learn this?

web designers
web developers
anyone who wants to build websites from scratch
anyone who wants to learn more about using HTML and CSS together

Why should you enroll?

This course design for those who are ready to change the website design style. And this course is only for $10. And this course enrolls over 800 students already. But if you do not know HTML & CSS then you have to learn it first. Also, you can take a look at this HTML & CSS course. So why are you waiting for? enroll now Or Never.

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