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By on August 8, 2017

If you want to be an expert on Photoshop, then there are some area to become an expert. But in this post, I will explain how you will become a professional image retouch expert. You can go to an expert and able to earn money using your skill. This course made for beginners and someone who is at the intermediate level. Hey, guys! My name is Bulbul Ahmed, and I am going to share a video course with you one for my friend who creates this video for you and share his video completely free for you.

What will you learn?

  • Retouch and Process Raw Images Like a Pro
  • You will be well versed with the Adobe Camera Raw the top Raw Image Processing Software

What do you need to start?

  1. Have Adobe Camera Raw Installed which is Part of Adobe PhotoshopBecome Beginner to Advanced! Learn Complete Professional Raw Image Retouching & Processing WorkflowDo you know that 95% of the Top Professional Photographers always shoot the images in Raw Format?Raw format is a simple Image format which is like a Digital Negative for Modern World Cameras.Raw Images give you full control over the final result while Post-Processing or Editing them.Natural Image retouching requires a specialized knowledge of the Raw Image Processing Softwares.There are many Raw Image Processing software, but the Industry standards are Adobe LightRoom and Adobe Camera Raw.

    In this course, You will learn every option in Adobe Camera Raw.

    All the Tools in Adobe Camera Raw
    All the Editing Panels like
    Basic Editing Panel
    Tone Curves Panel
    HSL/Grayscale Panel
    Details Panel-Noise Removal Options
    Split-Toning Panel
    Len-Correction Panel
    Camera Calibration Panel
    Snapshot Panel
    Presets Panel
    Finally, You will learn the Complete step by step Process of Raw Image Retouching and Processing Workflow in Adobe camera Raw with the Raw Image.

    After Completion of this Course, you will be an Expert in Raw Images Retouching!

    So, if this sounds interesting then go ahead and dive into this Course, and I will see you off the course.

Why should you learn?

Beginners or the Intermediate students who want to Learn the Adobe Camera Raw from start to finish
Photographers or the Photography enthusiasts who want to produce Better Professional Images with Full control

Why should you enroll?

As like I said before that this course design for the beginners and intermediate level. This course just two hours to time and it will help you to edit/retouch successfully and you will call an expert of image retouching. After finish this course you will get a certificate that you are qualified for this type of job in future. So why are you waiting? ENROLL NOW.

Check out the Course over view video

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hi, my name is Bulbul Ahmed and this is my Journey! I use this blog to help people learn. Through all the places and things I see around the world, there isn't the best way to share my experience! Follow my blog updates and learn with me the essence of earning!

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